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Limitless Banking

Empowering businesses with 24/7 global, secure, multi-asset banking. Welcome to Pave Bank.

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Beyond ordinary for a more integrated banking experience

Global Banking

Connect seamlessly to the global financial network

Multi-Asset & Multi-Currency

Manage all your assets, and conversions on one powerful platform

24/7 Banking

Money never sleeps, and neither should your bank

Fully Regulated Bank & Authorised Custodian

Your assets, protected and secured


Unlock new possibilities. Automate everything

Operational Accounts

Connect seamlessly to the global financial landscape.

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Treasury Management

Manage your treasury efficiently in a wide variety of assets and currency accounts, all whilst getting maximum flexibility to use your funds when you need them. Confidently put idle cash and assets to work for you.

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Safeguarding Accounts

Safety and transparency combined. Dedicated solutions for client funds. Separate, secure, and straightforward.

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Programmable banking

Programmable banking represents the next stage in financial evolution. As money and value become an operating system. Pave bank enables the power of code to deliver automation beyond what's possible with APIs and build on top of your money and assets. Programmable banking allows you to build powerful, reliable and realtime customisation incorporated directly into your business.

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Our security isn’t a feature, it’s our foundation

  • Full Reserve Banking

    More secure than insured deposits. All your funds are held securely. We don't lend or invest your deposits.

  • Sophisticated Custody Services

    Holding assets securely with the required legal and regulatory safeguards, and accessible when you need it.

  • Rigorous Security Measures

    Delivering peace of mind to our clients with stringent protocols across our technology platform, operations, risk and governance.