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Pioneering User Programmable Banking

Programmable banking represents the next stage in financial evolution. As money and value become an operating system. Pave bank enables the power of code to deliver automation beyond what's possible with APIs and build on top of your money and assets. Programmable banking allows you to build powerful, reliable and realtime customisation incorporated directly into your business.

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The shift from API powered banking to App and API powered banking

We recognise that modern businesses require deeper control, greater customisation, and seamless integration with their operational tools. At Pave Bank, our vision extends beyond offering standard services or accounts; we provide a versatile toolkit to create your optimal banking landscape.

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What is Programmable Banking?

Pave's Programmable Banking, the first true operating system for money, lets you upload code to automate and manage both digital and traditional assets and currency, enabling automation and integration beyond what's been possible.

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