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Secure Banking at Pave Bank

As a regulated bank, security isn’t a feature, it's our foundation; assuring you that your financial assets are safeguarded with exceptional care.

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Robust Financial Infrastructure

100% Full Liquidity Guarantee

Pave Bank operates on a full-reserve basis, ensuring your deposits are never loaned out or invested and are 100% available to you at all times.

Secure Development Standards

We have built our banking platform following secure development standards and against best-in-class security practices.

Asset Safeguarding

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Secure Custody

Using cutting-edge custody solutions for comprehensive protection of your assets. Both online and offline storage options are available for our clients with around the clock monitoring.

Customisable Control Management

Create bespoke workflows for transaction approvals, from dual authorisation to multi-tiered sign-offs, aligning with your company's internal control policies.

Proactive Compliance and Encryption

  • Strict AML/CFT Standards

    Complying with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) standards in a manner that is rigorous and uncompromising.

  • Advanced Encryption

    We protect every online transaction with top-tier encryption, shielding your financial activities against digital threats.

  • Bank Secrecy Standards

    Adhering to the highest standards of bank secrecy laws and regulations to ensure confidentiality of your data.

Trust and Transparency

Securing Your Trust

Have confidence of Pave Bank reserves with transparent and regular posting of the balance sheet. An uncompromising approach to client liquidity.

Empowering Transparency

Utilise Zero Knowledge (ZK) proofs, APIs and programmable Pave Apps to guarantee secure access to financial data, whether for your own needs or for your clients.

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